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Miso. Good. Isn't it?

I eat it every day now.

"Aids digestion:
Only the very heartiest micro-organisms are able to survive the rigors of several years' fermentation in the presence of salt. Thus they and their enzymes are well suited to continue their work in the large and small intestines where they break down or digest complex proteins, carbohydrates, and fats into simpler, more easily assimilable molecules."

"Vitamin B-12:
B-12 is one of the vitamins most commonly deficient in the diets of those vegetarians who exclude dairy products as well as meat from their diet. Recent research, however, has shown that there are a number of excellent vegetarian sources of vitamin B-12 including fermented soyfoods (tempeh, natto, miso, shoyu) and sea vegetables. Vitamin B-12 is produced by certain bacteria or molds."

"Miso as a Food
Soybeans are a treasure-trove of high-quality protein and other nutrients, only a portion of these are available to the body when the whole beans are served in their baked, boiled, or roasted forms. However through the process of natural fermentation, soybeans undergo a total biochemical transformation in which virtually all of their complex protein, carbohydrate, and lipid (oil or fat) molecules are broken down into readily digestible amino acids, simple sugars and fatty acids. Most important, the process of leisurely fermentation unfolds a panorama of delicious new flavours and aromas."

My favorite brand: Tradition Miso

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