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Need some clarifications!

So i am a little bit confused. I couldve swore I heard my gastro say it was ok to eat normal (anything) except cow milk and its derivatives for the rest of my life as long as I DONT have a flare up....if i ever do, only THEN is when I avoid eating greens, seeds, fiber, [etc] and all that stuff most of us arent allowed to eat.

So, is this true or should I avoid eating large doses of fiber (a cereal for example or a fiber bar), salads, etc even when im OK?

Yesterday I went out and ate an arab it and food went down great...since i got out of the hospital/got diagnose and had surgery i have NOT had any pains, stomach cramps, etc...but when I told my mother today i ate arab she went crazy on me telling me how i am so negligent because it contains a LOT of fiber and that i am going to cause a flare up on myself like an idiot...yada yada, is she right?
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i just found out recently i had crohn's. so when i seen my dr. today, i asked if there was any food i should avoid? She told me everyone body is different. So it was more of a trial and error when it comes to food. She said if it causes you pain avoid it, if not your fine to eat it.

I hope this helps.
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There are no set rules. You have to tweak your diet to what suits you and what you can tolerate....If the Arab food didn't bother you, enjoy!
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Yes I know everyone's body is different and reacts different to certain food, which is why some of us can tolerate cheese, some types of alcohol, etc but others cant. Which brings me to another question:

Say I eat a bunch of brocolli and it goes down fine, no pain or anything...does that mean my body tolerates brocolli and i can eat it forever (possibly in large quantities if i wished?)? or couldve have been just a lucky occasion to which i could possibly not be so lucky in the future?

basically what i am trying to say food intolerance always intolerant? (assuming when you eat in regular to large quantities of that food).
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Hi there, well... your mom could be right, but as others say we are all different. Myself having Crohns all my adult life whether I am flaring or not, sometimes you can eat something and nothing happens. Eat the same thing a week or month later, you pay and you never know what, where or how it will affect you . Even if I take digestive enzymes, sometimes it works sometimes it dont. Even if you havent had surgery you have less chance of eating normal foods. IF you are worried you mom is right or wrong keep a diary. Your mom is just looking out for your best interest. Good or bad food can affect you or not. Depends on your disease at the time.

Hard to know, just dont overdo ok? Yeah I sound like your mom

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lol thanks!
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Like IMP said its extremely variant. I have a much wider selection to choose from when not flaring for sure. When I am flaring though a ton of things aggravate my stomach. Those things your GI told you to avoid when flaring are kinda general statments which affect very many people with Crohns. Also a high fibre diet can only help with everybody (except when flaring its debated whether good or not) and can result in a ton of health benefits.

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karma_hunden said:
Yesterday I went out and ate an arab it
I hope you enjoyed eating that restaurant buddy!

Did you ask your doc why you should avoid cow's milk? I'm just curious why they gave you that one stipulation. Could it be that they think you are lactose intolerant or that they want you to avoid the possible MAP bacteria in the milk?

My doc told me in the beginning to avoid roughage and specifically said lettuce. I avoided lettuce like the plague for the first 7 or so years. Then I tried a salad - ate the whole thing - felt GREAT afterward. I missed having salad. You just have to try and see what you can do. And Jetta is spot on - you may be perfectly fine eating something one week - and the next week it may tear you up. Most people figure out the "safe foods" they can eat most times, and sprinkle in the rest.

The main issue I see with fiber, and I could be off - is that people who have known narrowing/strictures should not eat fiber as it could lead to an obstruction. If you know this is not your problem - and you don't have an area with super active disease (that fiber could really irritate) - then by all means - have a little fiber! Broccoli is a friend of mine just about anytime - not sure why- but I've tested it.....
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My doc told me to avoid cow's milk because of the Casein/Caseinate/Whey/Protein...he said thats what could stimulate "the monster"...and well, i think i might be a little lactose intolerant as well, but not so sure about that.

I dont have the desease active (thank God) all went away [forever!!! lol hope God hears me ] when they took the chunk out in the surgery.

So basically, what yall trying to say is that fiber is harmless unless you have an inflamation, and then and only then its when it could cause an obstruction,etc due to the narrow passage caused by the inflamation.
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I'm kinda trying not to get inflamed again in the first place. Thats why I am paying close attention to the diet.

There is stuff that makes it known in no uncertain terms within a few mins or hours of eating. But there is also stuff that may be more chronic and start to add to to a poorer condition in the bowel that could cause a flair. At least thats the approach I take. I feel that way to due the hard evidence that the prevalence of IBD in our society is directly linked to the type of fat intake.
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Hey karma, welcome!

There are no set rules. What's a safe food for some, may be evil for another. I have found that eliminating dairy (except for the occasional ice cream), eliminating corn and corn syrup (i.e., soda), cutting down sugars and breads has helped me tremendously. You might want to try a food diary. Sometimes it can be just one ingredient that sets me off.

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My doctor told me that I should just eat normally but in moderation. Veggies and fiber don't bother me much although I try to stay away from them. The thing that I find that kills me now is oily and fried foods. I'm still trying to figure out if it kills me more to eat it or not to eat it. I miss a good piece (or 4) or fried chicken or those great fried wontons from my local chinamen.
It comes down to seeing what works for you.
As for what causes flare ups, my GI said its not nessasarily always the food as much as it is your body and the desease. So basically he said to just eat and enjoy yourself and don't be scared about loosing weight. The flare ups will take care of that.
Good luck and enjoy yourslef while you can.
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That kind of reaction is a constant struggle with my mother, people without the disease like to rely on things that people tell them. " " has crohn's and she can't eat this so neither should you. Drives me mental.

My rule of thumb: I'll try anything once. If it bother me I avoid it from then on, if not, I continue to eat it. I eat tons of indian, it seems to love me.
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we are all different, i can eat popcorn but a lot of people on here cant. i cant tolerate cows milk and anything made from it. i have goats milk.
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