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GNC Crohn's Man
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This has turned into a rant so I'm making a new topic

I am righting this so you don't have to through what I have been through... I haven't been through the worst of crohn's yet (just 22, 2, surgeries, and no bags or tubes sticking out of my body) Guys with the ilsotomy bags my head is up to you... My dad has one (he has colon cancer) I couldn't do it... Only if it was a temporary thing could I do that.... But no no permenat machinery tubes are anything else like that will ever be permentasly placed in mybody.... The only reason I would have that is if I had a much bigger reason to live than I do right now. Right now my reason for living is that I'm 22 I can become 100% healthy and functional I just have to take things slow and I can do whatever I want to... Hopefully one day that will involve me being a GI doc.... But that is a dream down a long long long road....
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Jeff D.
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That would be awesome if a Crohnnie was a GI doc because you already know of problems we have first have. I would want you as my doc man because you know where I am coming from. The only thing that would suck is that I couldn't bitch about my doctor any more.LOL

Dont get down on yourself and I think that if you needed a bag or tube you could deal with it. I have never had one but if/when I do I will be greatful that something is helping me...hopefully. Dont worry about the future though Daniel it will only make you worse, it does for me at least.

Best wishes
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Speaking from experience worrying about an ostomy was a waste of time. I got to worried and started getting narrow minded and not seeing the big picture and I started to shut people out. I've had Crohn's since I was 5 and it wasn't till I was 22 when I ended up with an ileostomy.
I felt the same way before hand... that I would never get a bag or a tube or anything like that. But, that didn't happen. The first few months weren't any picnic at all. It was hell to be quite honest. But as the days, weeks and months go by it just becomes a part of you. Sure you have now different concerns and things you got to know about but it just becomes "life." Every once and a while I get down about having an ostomy but that's just normal. The important part is to not let it get you to far down and NOT let it run your life. If anyone says you can't do this or that because of an ostomy it is total bullshit. No one gets anywhere in life if they aren't determined enough to prove the people wrong that said it wasn't possible.
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I agree with kossy. I've had mine since for 2 years this november, an illiostomy not colostomy. And I've had it since 19. I have a girlfriend, we were together before the ostomy, we were actually best friends for 5 years before dating but we're together now.

I feel better I flare less and my overall quality of life is better. No one knows, I just told people I was getting a resection again, no one can see or tell.
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Mama Crohnie
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I felt the same way you do GNC about living with a pouch. I thought no way in heck will I ever have that procedure done. Today I thank God that I did. I can do 50 times more today, then I ever could before the surgery. Not to mention all off meds (prednisone) for 19 yrs now. The best part is I can actually get a good nights sleep, and eat whatever I moderation of course. In all actuality, had I decided not to have an Ileostomy...I wouldn't be responding to this blog right now. It's not all bad...honestly.

Stay well..Deb*

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I feel similar to that as well. lots of fear and I will dig in my heals if the surgery topic comes up again Im sure. but Im sure all of us here will just deal with what we are dealt with this disease and make the best of it we can. were a much stronger group of people I think than those regular poopers out there.
so no worries.

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