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GNC Crohn's Man
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I Can Sleeeppppp!!!!!!

I can now go to sleep at night.... I'm on 55 mg of prednsione right now taken as (30mg and 25 mg 12 hours later... ) Basicaly morningish to nightish so anyway i always have prednsione pumping through my body.. This puts your body into the "awake" mode and your body doesn't want to come down from that... It can also give you lots of stress and anxeity since (cortisone is your bodies stresss hormone)
So I take Atavain (Vallium based) at various dosages 1-2 mg at a time to help with the anexity attacks the prednsione brings on.... Valium based drugs act on your body just like acholol as far as the central neervous system is concerend... So you can get relaxed.... But not asleep... So I'm relaxed and awake until bassicly I pass out from exhuasution every 3 or 4 days..


Now I have Seroquel (sample packs).... This type of medcine is used in short term treatments of people that have (manic or pysczohpernia attacks) It slows down the frontal lobe of the brain... So basicly it turns your thinking cap off... I take this at night and my brain slows down enough to where I can get soem sleep.

I have only taken this medcine once (last night)... I took a total of 100mg by the end of the night.. I started at 9 or 10 with 1 25 mg pill... I kept repeating every 1 hour so after 4 hours all 25mg pills were gone.. Then I went to sleep... Don't remember much... Just that I slept... Waking up felt kinda of.... Ughhhh druggish/zombish but the prednsione quiickly took care of that and now I feel almost like me "normal me" again....

So hopefully I will be back at work next week... And be as more or less normal as you can all things concdedred....

Ok cya guys
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Jeff D.
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YEY thats awesome that you can sleep. I am sleeping better myself as well.

Good to see you are doing well
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wow!!!! that is excellent news!!!!! i hope you are back to work-and-sleeping at night!
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GNC Crohn's Man
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Yeah I'm probably just gonna sleep every other day though... Helps me to clean up the house.... Or I should say I will take the zombie tranq pill Seroquel everyother day... It works by shutting down the frontal lobe of your brain... So you literally turn your brain off to get some sleep.... Stuff is not cheap either but I have a good physctrist so get all teh free ones I need...
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wow that it odd. My father has been on seraqual for quite some time now. And I believe its an anti-pschotic also I believe,

BUT my girlfriend went to the Dr this past week and they prescribed it for SLEEP of all things, just seems weird.

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