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How long until symptoms appear?

Hallo everyone
I'm new to crohns and still in the process of trying to figure out my triggers and what not, and it's so frustrating. I think I have discovered that raw veggies are a no-no, but I've been in pain today and haven't had any for over a week!

My question: how long after you eat a trigger food do your symptoms appear? I'm sure this may vary from person to person, but is it generally immediate?
Sometimes I can't tell whether it was the glass of milk I just drank or perhaps something else from a couple hours earlier! Is the only way to figure out to completely eliminate everything from my diet? If so, how long must I eliminate foods for until I know they are out of my system?

So many questions, thanks in advance guys!
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Some things (like a hamburger) make me double over in pain and run for the can around the 1/2-2 hour mark. But I also have troubles in the 24-48 hour timeframe with the opposite type of issue. That one being constipation with a good amount of blood most often cause by eating too big a portion of red meat or red meat to frequently.

Three days seems like enough time for me to clear stuff. Then I only add one new thing and see how it goes for a few days. If I have a reaction I will try and repeat the new food cooked differently or the same to see if I can repeat it. That method was recommend in Dr.James Scalla "eating right for a bad gut" The book is here in the recommended books section and gives some guidance to figuring out the dietary angle for crohns from a biological perspective.
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Hi Mel, could be a good idea to keep a diary. For the most part, cut out dairy, I know you probably love it like I did but it causes bloat and pain. Wheat is another culprit. If you are a bread eater try pita's they are better. Everyone is different but you need easier to digest foods. Avoid corn, and corn based, very hard to digest. Depending on whether you have D or C also makes a difference as to how you should be eating. You should tell us a bit more of your story, how long your symptoms have been going on and where? Crohn's is very hard to get a clear and final diagnosis. Take care.
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Hi Mel
and welcome

A mcDonalds goes straight thro me 100 miles an hour within the hour!
so a big no no!
I have found that all red meat does this and vegetables and salads too especially tomatoes! shame, cos I love salads
I tolerate white foods better, new potatoes, fish, chicken and rice, really easy on the guts and digestable, its called a low residue diet, you can find it on the forum.
I'm ok with wheat and dairy, it can bloat, and too much can give me C, but they don't give me D
everyone is different tho, so a food diary is a great idea
and I know what you mean about the transit time, that'll come with experience!
Theres a thread on transit time on here
good luck


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I found the thread on transit time, thanks a lot! I wish I could fast forward time and have all these mysteries figured out... i am so impatient haha.

oh and I am definitely taking the advice to start a diary, that's a fantastic idea!
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I would say about 1-2 hours. I think it has to do wtih the kind of food. I used to love rice- borwn rice- which is fibrous so it took longer. But lately if I eat it, it's like 1/2 hour.

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