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I was recently diagnosed with Crohnís disease.

A while back, I saw, on one of the boards, a person writing about how, when things got bad, he would practically live on Ensure dietary supplements and baby food.

I tried the Ensure drinks, and I really like the taste of the ďhomemade vanilla shakes.Ē

In fact, Iíve been drinking quite a bit of vanilla Ensure in recent weeks.

Aside from occasional stomach rumbling and minor Acid Reflux (Iíve got that too,) they donít seem to affect me much.

The Ensure drinks taste great, but I am starting to wonder if Iím having too much of a good thing.

Are the Ensure drinks designed to be used long-term?

For instance, can I have them for all three meals for two months, without losing out on some critical nutrient? (I have not done this, but want to know, in case I wish to try.)

Are their any Crohnís or other complications resulting from drinking too much Ensure?

Thank you so much for your help.

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I usually buy the Boosts almost the same as ensure, I just like the taste better. I have never had to live on them though. I was told that I had to mix it into my day with meals. I do not believe that there are any restrictions drinking them long term. It helps add nutrients just incase your body is not getting enough from food (meals) and vitamin supplements that you may take.
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Hi Jay,

Welcome to the forum!

Ensure like anything else is designed to "supplement" your diet with vital nutrition.

The main thing I would say is yes some of us will use supplements to aid our health but the best way to do so for you as an individual is to do so under direct supervision of a dietitian that specialises in Crohns patients.

The dietitian I have stays in touch via email and sees me in clinic when I go to see my GI. She has been fantastic in helping me sort out and "tweak" my diet so much. Worth her weight in gold to be honest.

There are drinks specifically designed for folks like us. They are called Elemental 028 Extra. Some can tolerate them and some cant. Not sure where you are in the world but it isnt always readily available in the US for instance, whereas here in the UK it is used as a front line treatment.

The main thing to be honest is to have a diet that suits YOU as an individual and it is very much a rolling ball on the testing front to see what foods you can and cannot tolerate. It can also be a difficult thing to achieve in that some foods will be fine when you are well and not when you flare for instance. So a dietitian can help you to work out what foods will help you to improve your current health status and try to maintain it.

If we can help in any way just post and we will try to answer as best we can ok?

Welcome again.


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Thank you so much for the advice.

I will try out Boost, and see if I like the taste.

Regarding a dietitian; there is a local dietitian that I have been contemplating giving a call. The advertisement in the local paper says that they specialize in a number of ailments, including CD.

Thanks again,


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