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Hey guys what all info do you want?

Hey what all as far as supplements do you want me to list? I can list specfic products with mg and everything and even when and how I take them.... Also meds what all do you guys want to know about that and why and how? Feel free to ask anyquestion YOU WILL NOT offend me... Trust me the only way to learn stuff is to ask about it... So you guys decied the detail of info you want to know while I go and take a nap and continue on the ever straitghing of my room and truck...

Granted I have got a lot done but their is a long way to go...

FYI I start back to work on Sunday.... That should be fun.... Luckly the store is only open from 12-5:30 on Sunday.... Yes i will be thier by myself.... Yes I should be fine.... How much will I be thier mentally? Well that depends on if I get sleep, my prednsione, and my atavain all rolling together with the fact that I will actually be social interacting with people all day... But I don't have to do paper work at the end of the day or even drive myself to or from the store... So I just get to make commession and talk to people and sit on my butt... Granted I can't do much else atm.... But it's nice to get payed for it though....
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hey--first of all--good luck tomorrow!! getting back to work will probably be soooo great!
i have a few q's on supplements--but just one for now:
still not sure what calcium to take? does it get absorbed w/o the magnesium (i know mag cause loose stool/"d"--so..quit the cal/mag--but know i need calcium...
that's it for me now..but i know i hope to learn a lot more--i have been reading a bit on supplements and various teas etc. (right now i am eating very little-eating is too hard-so-doing just liquid til out of flare up) (ensure and 1 yogurt smoothie-and looking into a juice cara mentioned)
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Sorry about hearing aout the flare also here are some drinks that are the best for someone on a clear liquid diet... You get 250 calrories a drink 9 grams of protien + you get vitimans... Cheapest place I could find them was the online walgreens site...

Also on flavor (they have 3) you probably want to pick peach.... I found something?berry was awful and orange was standable.... They don't come cheap unless you order a lot of them... This shipping and tax it worked about to be about $1.30 american.... Plus shipping was free and other than the price they listed ($29.99) I just had a tax of I think like 3 or 4 dollars.. So I ordered 2 packs and what I actullay payed (shipping, tax, everything,) for TWO cases of 24 count breeze drinks was $62.38... I ordered them on 9/01/06 UPS got them on 9/5/06 (shipped UPS ground).... They got to my house on 09/07/2006.... So it will take about a week or less for you to get them if you order them right now.... And trust me they help.... A LOT.... I still drink them and I'm on a just regular low residue diet for times when I can't make a meal but I have to take my medicine with food (cut out all the milk in my diet.. man do I miss it)

Breeze Fruit Beverage by Boost just go ahead and order a 24 pack cause an 8 pack will be gone in no time... Plus they are only 8 oz... So you can drink 2 and you have a 500 calorie full liquid low reisdue diet meal...

Ok time to answer your question

As far as Calcium goes this what I take... It is a huge bottle of the best kind of calcium you can get.... HOWEVER it just has basic magnesium and FOOD BASED vitamin D in it... So your gonna need to take an extra FOOD BASED Vitiman D

FOOD BASED = D2 =ergocalciferol = calciferol

All of those are the same thing.... They are all D2

Info you need to know about Vitiman D

"In human skin

Vitamin D3 is produced in the skin by conversion of 7-dehydrocholesterol by UVB. Human skin exposed to sunlight can, under the right conditions, produce quantities as large as 20,000 IU in just a few minutes without any apparent toxicity. This is easily enough to avoid deficiency and builds up the body's stores.

Exposure to sunlight also destroys vitamin D, so long term exposure to sunlight cannot cause toxicity, as levels are self-adjusting.

However merely being exposed to sunlight does not automatically mean that vitamin D is produced, only the UVB in sunlight triggers vitamin D production, but UVB mainly reaches ground level when the sun is high in the sky. This occurs a few hours around solar midday (1 p.m. summertime). At higher latitudes, the sun is only high enough in the sky in summer. For example, in the United States, those living north of a line from San Francisco to Philadelphia (about 40 degrees of latitude) will not be able to produce it in significant quantities for 3 to 6 months a year.

Therefore from the end of summertime to the following spring humans run on stores which gradually deplete. By some estimates 1020% of the population become at least mildly deficient by the end of winter, and deficiency is high even in very sunny countries like India. People who never go out in the midday sun become deficient even on supplementation at 100% of the RDA.

In addition, suntan lotion blocks production. Deficiencies are now much more common in Australia, which had a very successful "slip slop slap" campaign, though most of the deficient people have dark skin, cover up when outdoors or are confined indoors (for example: elderly people or those with a disability or serious illness). This campaign has also taken place in New Zealand. Melanin screens UVB light so dark skin is much less efficient at generating vitamin D. It would therefore be expected that people with darker skin would suffer from deficiencies more frequently, especially if they live at higher latitudes or have an urban lifestyle, and there is much evidence that this is the case. Vitamin D deficiency and osteomalacia are known to be endemic in dark-skinned populations in the UK (particularly those from South Asia)."

What that article says is that your gonna have to get out in the sun for a limited amount of time every day or else that FOOD BASED Vitamen D will not turn into the Vitamen D the body can readly use... That is called D3 cholecalciferol... I do not recommend taking a product with just this in it because you can get toxic levels of Vitamen D3 in your blood. If Vitman D3 comes with teh calcium and a few other things then you will be fine... Just DO NOT take D3 by itself or you may risk getting to much in your body...

As far as magnesium goes if your taking a GOOD Multivitamen (that does not mean walmart/oneday/centrum) and you are taking other supplements you should be fine on the magnesium....

Now here is the product I take.

Your gonna have to take this at least twice a day... You take it (2 tablets) with meals and YOU DO NOT have to worry about it upsetting your stomach or blocking your intestines since it is designed to dissolve in low acid content stomachs... But that means you have to take more pills... You probably going have to take this 3 or 4 times a day depending on how old you are, gender, whither your diesease is active or not, and if you are currently taking any corticosteriods.... Just don't take more then 2 of them with any given meal though...

As far as the exact ratio of various elements your supposed to get in your body (calcium, magnesium, zinc) I don't know the exact ratios so just use common since and don't over do it except on the calcium.... I take in about 2000 mg of calcium a day and I know I'm not absorbing all of that + I'm in high dosage of prednisone so that makes it even harder for ot absorb it.... So from and outsiders point of view they would think I woulld be getting kidney stones (due to much calcium) but to me I'm just barley getting in enough calcium to keep my bones at their current state...

Current stat of my bones as of my last (Bone Densisty Test (Dexiscan) showed I had Osteopena meaning my bone structure is weakned but not to teh point of osteophroiis... That was done either 1 or 2 months ago...

Also I take fosamax 70 mg tablets to help build back up my bone densisty...

I hope that got all your questions ohhhh and here are some to ask your doctor...

When was the last time I had a Bone Density test (Dexiscan) of my bones and what were the results? If it has been 6 months or a year sicne last time and you have been on a corticosteriod it would be a good idea to have your bone density checked out... Also if your bone density is a lil low ask your Doctor to put you on the 70 mg Fosamax pill.... It is a one a week pill that helps in the process of bone rebuilding... ( I could go into more detail but right now I want some cake)

Ok I hope you can read this because I hate having to go back and proofread my long rants....

Ok cya later
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wow thanks . printing.
i never had a bone desity will definitely ask about it. only been on enticort for like ..oh-maybe 2 weeks so far--but will probably need 8 weeks-or..something.
i am taking a good multi right now (but didnt think about if my bowel could handle it (it is natures plus ultra II (one pill-but huge--but nice it is just one
i also take vit c (500-with mixed bioflavonoids) and fish oil caps (natural factors-salmon-1000 mg-1 pill) i take like 19 ..(or atually-20 now-pills a day..but-will take as many supplements as needed..i definitely believe they help.
i am checking out the calcium and vit d--i have vit d here now-but stopped it after diagnosis (wasn't sure what was good/what wasn't) also stopped-but may resume-vit e (800 iu) and cosamin (2 pills a day).
i am going to ask my dr about a bloodtest-esp to check "bile" status (rule that heartburn has been really bad. and ask about getting a ct scan.
i got to work for a bit today too---it is great getting back to stuff-even if not feeling well-just-can only stay in so long (well..sometimes it is too hard to deal..but-doing all i can to be as active as possible -especailly til out of flare.
anyway-thanks for info on that drink. i just bought 2 more 6's of ensure--but-i want to try the one you mention. yeah-it goes fast. but-until eating is is good to be at least getting nutrients and not lose too much weight.
sorry so long-thanks again
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Aas I said before I still one day of Dreaming of being a GI specalist in crohn's ... Until my body gets to where it can stand the pressures of school and then the strain of being a doctor then I just try to do my best to help others as much as possible...

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSATANCES think I am 100% right about anything.... A lot of times I am right and I may think I may be right but I might just be wrong... So always (if you can) get a second opinion on something or better yet IF you have a strong MEDICAL/NUTRITIONAL background then feel free to be your own first opinion..... But always get a second opinion or even a third one from either a doctor or a nutrionalist...

That way you make sure your taking your supplements but your taking in the RIGHT amount of supplments and taking them at the right time for you....

Just taking supplements to make you feel better is not the thing to do...
Why your taking these supplements and how they are working to make you feel better is what you want to know... And again if the research to find that out is to hard then ask me and/or then get an opinon from someone else (lisceanced professional)

Ok done ranting time to play on my comp.....

Speaking of those breeze drinks I'm done to two so I'm gonna order me some more of those then play on my comp LOL... One of the perks about being on prednesone taken twice daily and having access to all the supplements that help with mental acuaty is I can stay awake 2 days no problem if theirs something I want to do ...
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On second thought on the drinks just order I think an 8 pack or their varitey pack first.... Who knows you might actually like the yuckyberrry flavor... As for me I'm stickign with peach but then again I'm very very very pick about what I like and don't like...
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you definitely explain things worries..i always research all info i get-from whoever i get it from...
i hope at some point youlle be able to handle school/ being a dr etc. -someone i know-he has severe crohn's-hes like 28 now-but started med school somewhere like 4 years ago (i think..) but--he finally got to a point where he could handle the pressure of it w/o getting sick i think the remicade helps him a lot.
i hope those drinks arent too nasty. i actually dont mind the taste of ensure-its like a milkshake but..if these juices dont cause bloating/gas/ etc-they may be worth a try..
ok..yeah..onto photoshop work now..........
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I'd like some just general knowledge. If you wouldnt mind going and reading my story about myself then letting me know which supplements you think will do me some good.

I'm only taking digestive enzymes, when I drink or eat dairy, and probiotics, I'm taking the garden of life probiotics, which most people say dont work but I've seen really good results.

What supplements and vitamins do you take and what medications if you dont mind me asking?

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give me a link to your story thingy in the forum..... Saves me time cause its gonna be a whille in drawing up a med supplement list which I will also include time table and product info.... And why I'm currently taking it and what I think it is doing for me...

Okays time to pull up my med/supplement daily tracking journal....

Ok cya guys later and thanks for the positive support
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Here is a link to my story. I currently only take the probiotics and digestive enzymes when drinking milk or eating ice cream, I also take just acidiphillus alone.

Thanks for taking the time.
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You need to add Fosmax to your scrip meds (once a week pill) it will help rebuild your bone density...

You need to take Calcium Citrate or Calcium Citrate Malate... Your gonna neeed to take in about 1600+ mg of calcium because your body isn't absorbing it... Make sure the calcium you get also has magnesiuem in it or take a sepreate magnessium supplement along with all of that.... Make sure your getting in that Vitman D as D2 and not D3 so it will not damage your liver...

An electrolite pill may also help every now and then to help with dehydration and to help to m ake you feel better oover all.

Herbs I would add milk thistle and red clover to your list of items... THese are not essential... They just help to cleanse the liver of all that poision you keep putting in it. Plus milk thistle helps to protect the liver from the damaging effects of tylenol (which is in a lot of your pain meds)

If you are feeling very weak as far as your muscles go then go buy a GNC and get a bottle of NO2.... It increases nitric Oxide levels in the body... No don't get the knock off it doesn't work as well...This will make you less tired, improve blood flow, and give you strenght.... It also helps a TON with muuscle repair..... Draw back is it will cost you at least $70 or so a month, it MUST be taken on an empty stomach and then NO FOOD for 30 min, Also it makes all muscles stronger so whne you have adominal muscle cramps they will hurt a hell of a lot more... Also do not take this if you have low blood pressure cause you willl pass out due to teh increase in blood flow...

Age Less Rx.... I've just started this product but I noticed a differenc within the 10 day trial pack.... I feel more alive, more mentally together, and just healthier while I'm on it.... It is the worlds first and only time released Alpha Lipioc Acid

ok sleeepy meds kicking in night night time
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I actually take fosamax already and 50,000 units of vitamin D, I guess that wasnt listed in my story.

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