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Drugs other than Asacol

Are there any other drugs that are a step up from asacol, other than humira, cimzia, remicade or any of those.
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I think prednisone and immunosuppressants like Azathioprine or 6-MP are the next step followed by methotrexate.
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I already told my GI that I am not ever going to take prednisone. I took that before and did not like the side effects at all. He mentioned humira, cimzia, and remicade, but did not mention azathioprine or 6mp or methotrexate.
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Yeah - I would have said 6-mp or Imuran too.
The trouble with those is that they typically take 3 months to start working.
It is possible that a similar drug to asacol would help you. Sulfasalazine was my first drug, and then I was moved to asacol. When asacol quit, I took pentasa with good results for a few years. There are several different 5-asa (I think they are called that) drugs.
Maybe you could try entocort instead of prednisone? It's similar, but a bit weaker I guess? My doc wouldn't let me take it instead of pred becasue it wasn't as strong, but many members here have had good luck with it.
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They usually do the prendisone until the aza or 6 mp kick in. Maybe they would just keep you on asacol until the aza or 6 mp kick in.
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Yes Kirkland
we call it Budesonide here in Uk - a steroid but not as strong
Imuran is Aza here
IMO - Pentasa is not strong enough on it's own, too mild


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it seems worth mentioning that these drugs being discussed are very different in the approach to treatment.

The 5 ASA drugs are a fancy aspirin. They reduce swelling at the site of absorption. 5ASA drugs were hopefuls that turned out to be less effective than expected. Asacol/Pentasa/Salofalk

Steroids like Prednisone suppress the immune system a bit by limiting the abilities of white blood cells. They reduce inflammation fast and are suitable for short term treatment to get a flair under control quickly.

Imuran/6mp is a long term immune suppression drug that reduces your ability to produce white blood cells. Very cost effective treatment.

Humira/Remicade are TNF blockers that use modified biological agents to reduce your bodies ability to produce inflammation. These are comparatively expensive long term treatments.
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I took Entocort after Asacol and didn't have any issues.
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I am currently tapering off of entocort and I'll keep taking the asacol. I still have blood in my stool, but my GI doesn't seem concerned about it as long as I am not in pain. I guess he thinks the entocort will not get rid of the blood. I was only on the entocort for about 6 weeks, he doesn't want me to take it longer than that, I really don't know why.

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