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Seedless salsa?

Does anyone know of a seedless salsa that exists? I am still afraid to eat anything with seeds in it, which rules out most Hispanic foods. So, was wondering if anyone had come across one. Spicy doesn't seem to bother me (though I'm not going to crazy with spices anyway). So, if only I could find a seedless salsa...
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It's easy to make if you can't find any in the store...



Just use the flesh of the tomatoes and throw the seeds out This way you can also control the heat too...

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Thanks, Cindy
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I can tolerate salsa better if I purefy it in a blender. Sometimes I think the skin of the tomato bothers me too.
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I too can't eat anything with seeds so I use roasted red peppers in the jar. you can see the little seeds once you open up the pepper. They are folded in the jar. Then I use black olives in water, mango (good for the tummy) maybe papaya (also good for the tummy) chopped up, fresh cilantro or fresh basil. Chopped it all up. I like my salsa chunky and squeeze fresh lime juice over that.

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