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I saw my dr last week due to another flare. I have been on entocort for over 2 years and ended up in the ER with AMAZING pains. They thought it was an obstruction so after tons of antibiotics and pain meds they let me go home. My dr is now talking about changing my meds which Iunderstand but I have not heard much about Cimzia. I understand it is a monthly self injection which I am fine with as I had to give myself shots when I was pregnant. I am more concerned about side effects...both short term and long term. Has anyone heard of this drug or had any experience with it?
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I have been on it for 9 months now. I think it is making some difference, but you are prone to infections more. Other than that it is hasn't been to bad. It is one of the newer meds. It is in the same class as Remicade and Humira. I got on a Cimplicity program that does help to pay for the meds when starting. My Dr got me signed up. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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I am on Cimzia since last November, after pretty much 2 years of D (at a manageable level). I was also on Asacol and whatever else was needed to keep sudden stuff at bay. My dr. decided to put me on Cimzia to prevent a fistula. I had to get a Hepatitis check and a CBC. The CBC's continue to keep check of your white blood cell count (from my understanding) and initially, for the first 3 months I had to go bi-weekly. Then for 3 month on a monthly basis, after that and if the CBC is good one can go every other month.

The Cimzia is send to me by El Rx pharmacy and for the first time a nurse comes and shows you how to use it. She told me that I am on it for a year and that it can work positively in a short amount of time but she has patients in which it can take months to take effect.

I was lucky enough that it pretty much worked right away and I was tapered off the Asacol but still keep the Aza. Two weeks ago I started developing another abcess and had to take antibiotics to fight that off.

As I mentioned in another post I am not usually reading the pamphlets with the side effects and wait until something is off. So far I have not noticed anything. However, I have "only" Crohn's and therefore the Cimzia does not interact negatively with other medications.

It is very expensive and sometimes health insurances might balk. Thankfully, mine was not in that category and I got approved within two weeks.

Edit: while the D was manageable I was in a lot of pain

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I've been on Cimzia about 8 mos with no side affects at all. I just recently up my dose to 400mgs twice a months because it was losing effectiveness so we'll see if there are any problems at the higher dose. On the normal dose I never got so much as a cold.
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I've been on Cimzia for about 6 months now. Nothing major to report with it. I still deal with D. Prior to going onto it I had a resection done. My biggest problem is getting the drugs mailed on time. I'm suppose to be on "automatic" delivery, but every month i end up calling the pharmacy and inevitably something is haywire on there end. But, i'm 100% covered and the people on the phone are always nice to talk to.
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Shawne -- that sucks. I don't have that problem at all. It seems the pharmacy knows when I have to give myself the shots and calls several days before to set up the follow-up shipment. I have currently 3 months supply in my fridge. Who is sending your stuff?
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I get mine through ACRO pharm. down around Philadelphia. I never get more shipped to me then what i currently need. I wish they would at least send me two month supplies, then i could do my shots when i want to. As it is they have the schedule i had setup for myself all out of wack!
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I have been on Cimzia since November 2009, 400MG every two weeks (it is called "initial dosage") and have had no side effects. it reduced my CD symptoms by 50% withing 8 weeks to a managable lifestyle.
I have been on Remicade but it stopped working after 3 years.
I also changed my diet to Gluten Free and no meats which helped with reducing the pain.

To give you an idea, my pain level in November was 24/7 7-9. Now it is few times a week 1 to 4

For me it improved my life

Meds: 400mg Cimzia every two weeks
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Anyone ever had Remicade and Humira work for you for a while, but then fail and subsequently have success with Cimzia for a while?

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