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Hi, I am new to this forum, but hoping to have some answers to some questions. I was diagnosed in 1995 with crohns and went on to have a bowel resection, I was in hosp for 8days appr, but when I came out, I was healthy for about 14 yrs. in this time I have had 2 children, a lot of problems falling preg, but then I had great pregnancies. Anyhow the last few mnths I have had irregular bowel movements, bouts of constipation, gas, bloatiness. I have had a colonoscopy on Monday and my dr, advised me that where my resection was many yrs ago, that is all now inflamed. he has put me on predisilone, which I have read terrible side effects about

The dosage is 20 mg for 10days, then 15mg, slowly reducing it over a 5weeks period, I need to see him again in 6weeks, he has also told me to go on a low fibre diet.. Can anyone let me know if they were on this steroid drug for appr 5 weeks, did they get all the side effects, puffiness, weight gain, hairy face etc, this I am dreading, also the mood swings, wow so many.. I am not sure what the nxt step is at this stage after the dose of predisilone. Also unsure how long its been re inflamed for as I have really only had symptons for the last few mnths
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You mean Prednisone? I'd say that that's a pretty low dose and a short period of time. I'd imagine you'd have mood swings, sweating and maybe trouble sleeping but I doubt you will experience any major puffiness, weight gain and most likely not a hairy face. From my experience and from other people I've talked to, these types of side effects usually occur during higher doses and for longer periods of time on the drug. I remember taking 75mg for over 6 months till they decided it wasn't working and opted for surgery.
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I agree with Crabby Relish...I didn't get any of the side effects when I was on a low dose of prednisone..it was when I was on 60mg and tapered for 6 months tht I got the moon face, mania, sleeplessness, facial hair...but it all went away once I was off it. 20mg seems to be a really low dose...I wouldn't worry about it too much...especially if it makes you feel better.

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HI Seb...welcome! Having low dosing, you shouldnt have a problem with too many side effects. The higher the dose and the longer you are on them the more the ugly side effects come out lol. You are on a quick taper, and so am I, but waiting for the methotrexate to kick in. Don't worry any side effects you get will go away.

Prednisilone I believe is how the UK say prednisone, and some other countries do too. Same drug different med spelling. Where are you from Seb?

Hope you get your answers that you need, dont worry it will be ok.
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Hi Seb
and welcome

I can only reiterate what the others have said too.
I'm in my 4th month of Pred, and on 15mg now. In January I was on 40mg and got the insomnia, jitters, munchies, and a bit of moonface, but this drug saved my life, and any side effects are a small price to pay, do yourself a big favour, don't fret about the side effects too much, don't read any horror stories, just enjoy the benefits Pred will give you, and it's only for a short while
lotsa luv
Joan xxx


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Agree with everyone else.
I only get the side effect on 35mg and above, but I get all the side effects
I found on the lower doses, I mainly suffered with the sweats, eating a lot, mood swings, funny sleeping patterns and if I'm on it for longer than 3 weeks, the dreaded moon face.
I hope you feel better soon.
And yes, thats how we say Prednisolone in the Uk, though I can never spell the darned thing!!
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I personally was not able to get off of prednisone until I started taking low dose naltrexone (LDN). Also, most people don't know that when tapering off of prednisone it should be done in small increments like 1mg at a time.

I found the specific carb diet and LDN together worked for me. I've been off of prednisone for over 10 months with no flare ups.

Good luck!

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Hi Seb, I agree with what has been said so far, My hubby has been on prednisolone for over 20 years, he has little or no side effects, but he is rearly ill without them. We both have CD both over 20years. I have to control my pain now with morphone three times a day. Stay strong they will sort you out, its not a nice desease. Peggy
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Thanks guys for your response. I guess cos i am a little overweight, it freaked me out the side effects of predisilone. i guess th emain thing is we want the drug to work, and maybe its not a high dosage. i see a lot of you are on a lot more then 20mgs a day.. wow my head is spinning on this dosage and i am cranky as.. my little ones are 1 & 3 so my days are so full on at the moment - and i want to avoid the side effects at all costs

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