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I was just wondering, since I was diagnosed last July, I don't really feel like drinking alcohol anymore. I have drunk and it generally doesnt have any bad effects on me, but I never really want to anymore which means I can be a total bore when out with friends etc. Just wondering if anyone just doesnt feel like drinking anymore but not due to what it does to you etc.
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Same here, Blah

I can't say that I'm not mindful of what's happening to my liver, considering I'm on Imuran... but the truth is it just doesn't do it for me. I've tried ordering a pint and set off drinking it, but more often than not I only get halfway down before I get fed up with it. I'd rather have some coffee and chocolate
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Chocolate all the way! Although I'm not really supposed to eat lol
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I am not a big drinker. Maybe a glass of white wine with dinner. When I am flaring it makes me so sick so I dont touch it at all. In my early 20s I was big into the party scene. It was also when my crohns was the most active and I dont think it was a coincidence.
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Drink most weekends tho am trying to stop drinking beer as it bloats me up and I feel pretty bad the next day
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I like to drink, but I find I just don't have the interest or motivation to drink like I used to. I hate feeling like crap the next day. I tend to not drink very often anymore. Probably easier that my significant other does not drink at all either.
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Formerly a huge drinker over here..... gave it up for the most part after my dx in June. It was hard at first being sober around drunk people at parties and dinner parties we would throw. But the truth is.... I just don't really feel like drinking much anymore.

Having Crohn's is such a crap shoot (no pun intended) as to how you are going to feel from day to day. No need to make it worse by throwing a hangover in on top of it.

Now I just have a glass of wine here and there, but nothing at all like I used to. Plus I like how productive I am when I wake up with a clear head!
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Yeah packed it in 9 months ago, really makes me puke for a week, been drinking since I was 16 every weekend, and cant tolerate it now, and it doesn't bother me anymore, it fires my Crohns so much.


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