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When constipated wha should I eat?

I don't know if I should stay away from fruits or eat more and its the same with high fibre foods when I'm constipated. Some sites say to stick to soft foods so as not to irritate the bowel but others say to eat as much as fibre as possible. What do you do?
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It depends why you are constipated. If its because of inflammation or a stricture almost blocking you off, then you want to eat a low residue diet. If its because there is not enough fiber, which is the case with most "normal" people then you want to increase fiber. I know that I almost gave myself an obstruction eating high roughage foods while severely inflammed.
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canned: peaches, Mandarin oranges and Mango. I find the canned stuff is easy on the gut and will pass through most inflammation. I also gobble up the tuna or salmon sandwiches and poach or broil fish for dinner.

For me I find the higher Omega 3 with very little omega 6 cuts the inflammation down and gets me back to regular. I do the fiber thing like Shreddies, Oatmeal and 100% whole wheat bread once things are back to normal. But having had surgery not so long ago I am still cautious of putting too much fiber through the pipes. It just adds more bulk and if you are inflamed that does not help.
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Clear liquid diet for 2 days.
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FIBER makes me go more!
Its not so bad
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Try drinking more water. Also Rose Hip tea with some honey helps

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