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Chewing Gum and Surgery

Has anyone seen these stories about chewing gum and surgery?

I read about it before my first elective surgery and it was great. I don't know if it really helped get me out quicker, but I did get out in the minimum time. I think it was 4 nights for a Hemicolectomy.

I did it for my 2nd emergency surgery, and got out pretty quickly too.

So, for my up coming 3rd, I plan to do it again. Another benefit I found is that it really raised my spirits. When you're miserable, and they have that "NPO" sign hanging behind your bed, chewing gum and getting that flavor kinda got me through it.

Has anyone else tried this?
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I've never had to have a major surgery for Crohn's, but that is an interesting study.
I have always wondered why the forms at the GI office ask how often I chew gum, but have never asked about it.
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They actually gave me gum in the hospital after my surgery. Not sure it did anything besides made me feel like I was eating something other than ice chips. It certainly didn't get me out of there sooner...I was in for 24 days...

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I am a chewy addict, always have been, always will be, forever.
I started it cos my dentist told me to, and it has kept my teeth and gums healthy ever since.
Anyway, I haven't had Crohns surgery but had major surgery 8 years ago (hysterectomy) and I chewed before surgery (even tho I was nil by mouth) and after, and it did get my bowels moving because they wouldn't let me home til I had done a BM, and I always chew if I'm windy, helps me to burp.
So this is amazing! I didn't know this


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thanks for posting this! it's really interesting, and something i will definitely try if i ever need surgery again..... i always assumed that when we're nil by mouth, we weren't allowed to do anything which would stimulate the intestinal secretions and produce gas - both of which chewing gum does - but i can totally understand how this might help post-surgically. good post, Joe!

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