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Abdominal Pain

The pain associated with Crohn's disease can be severe and debillitating at times. Extreme pain should not be ignored, especially if it is not a usual symptom for you, or is accompanied by vomiting, as it can be a sign of a medical emergency (such as a blockage or perforation). Pain can also indicate that the disease is not being well controlled, and you should contact your doctor or IBD nurse.

Mild to moderate pain and cramps may be relieved by using heat (such as a warm bath, or hot water bottle) and painkillers such as paracetamol. Experiment with different body positions to find the most comfortable, for example drawing the knees up to the chest, or laying on the left side.

More severe pain will require stronger painkillers, such as opiates. If these painkillers are needed on a regular basis, you should try to get an appointment with a pain specialist. They will discuss the various options with you, such as switching medications to avoid the risk of dependance, or looking at patch medications which supply a steady amount of the drug to avoid the highs and lows associated with tablet administration.

If pain is intermittent, it may be worth keeping a diary (see diary inclusions) to see if a pattern emerges. For example, some foods, OTC medications/supplements or activities may be aggravating the pain. Also some women find they have more pain around their period. There are various contraception options that may help relieve this pain.

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i am on pain meds for my chronic pain and the abdominal pain i have i take lortabs even though they dont work for me like they should
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