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Adaptive Immune System


About Adaptive Immunity

The Adaptive Immune System, also called "Acquired" Immunity, is one branch of the body's Immune System. The Adaptive Immune System is made up of specialized cells and processes that destroy a Pathogens or prevent their growth.

Immunological Memory

The Adaptive Immune System is important to proper Immune function because it essentially "Remembers" an Antigen to which it has been previously exposed, called Immunological Memory. This allows the Adaptive Immune System to be able to respond to Pathogen re-infection more quickly than the first time and in a more targeted (specific) way than the Innate Immune System.

Adaptive Immunity and Immunological Memory allows for a stronger immune response upon subsequent infection. It is triggered by Antigen Presentation, by specialized Immune Cells called Antigen Presentation Cells (APCs).


Adaptive Immune System Video
Check out this animation from Harvardabout the Adaptive Immune System

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