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Elimination Diet

This diet works by cutting out foods to find out which ones aggravate your symptoms and which are 'safe'. There are two ways to do this. The first way is more accurate but also harder. You cut out all possible allergens and stick to a very restricted diet until symptoms disappear. Common substances to eliminate while on the diet include dairy, gluten, sugar (either sucrose which is table sugar or also including fructose which is also found in fruit), caffeine and alcohol. You then reintroduce foods, waiting 3 days after each addition before adding the next. If symptoms reappear, drop the latest added food and try it again later. If symptoms reappear again, you have found an offending food.

The second way is quicker but can miss foods. You keep a food diary to identify possible suspects. Eliminate one suspect food for a week. If symptoms disappear, reintroduce the food. If the reintroduction causes symptoms again, the suspect food must be responsible.

Note 'food' can mean a whole type of food, such as dairy or grains.

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