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Fatty Liver Disease

Steatohepatitis (also known as fatty liver disease) is a liver disease characterized by inflammation of the liver with concurrent fat accumulation in liver. It has been shown that low levels of methionine can lead to Steatohepatitis. A deficiency in Choline, an essential nutrient, can lead to a fatty liver.[2] In addition, Methionine is is synthesized with the help of folate and vitamin B12 enzymes[1] which those with Crohn's Disease are commonly deficient in. If you are found to have Steatohepatitis, also get your folate and vitamin B12 levels checked.


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Ok my mom has this, we just found out about a year ago. she doesn't have crohn's, but if you find out anything else about this we would love the info, and I'm going to call and tell her this info right now. Thank you for being so up to date on all this you rock!
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