About Anal Fissures

A Fissure, or Anal Fissure, is a tear or split in the Anus / Rectum. Anal Fissures can be extremely painful especially during and after a Bowel Movement. Anal Fissures can Bleed. Blood from a Fissure (or any area of the lower GI Tract) will be Bright Red.
See Blood in Stool for more Information on Gastrointestinal (GI) Bleeding

Anal Fissures can be Caused by:
Aggressive Wiping following Bowel Movement
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Ischaemia / Decreased Blood Flow to the Perianal Area

What to do when it Hurts to Poop and Treatment for Anal Fissures

Treatment for Anal Fissures is often simply allowing the area to heal while minimizing Pain During Bowel Movements and Keeping the Fissure Clean / Sanitary.
How To Help Your Fissure to Heal
Analgesic Cream (Numbing Cream) Applied to the Anal Area
[wiki]Sitz Bath[/h] - Often with Special Salts added to the Water
Clean the Rectal area Gently
Stool Softeners / Laxatives / Eating more Fiber if Stools are too Firm
Vaseline or Barrier Cream Applied to the Rectal Area
Wet Wipes or Flushable Wipes for Anal Cleansing
More Advanced Treatments for Nonhealing or Large Fissures
Botox Injections to help relax the Anal Muscles


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