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Food Diary/Food Journal


The purpose of a food diary (also known as a food journal) is to have a record all items you consume each day along with what your symtpoms were like that day. Over time this can help you determine what foods trigger flairs or certain symptoms.
How to use

Traditionally a food diary is kept in a notebook, however smartphone applications have come out that allow this data to be entered and stored on your phone or tablet.

A separate entry can be made for each day the diary is maintained. For each entry, you can signify what you ate at various times of the day and how you felt prior to eating and after eating. You can also provide additional comments about the day overall, including levels of stress from events through the day, the amount of sleep you had the night before and what supplmenets and medication you were taking and at what times. It can be helpful for quantifying levels for certain metrics (for example: give a score to how tired you are out of 100, how much pain you are in out of 100, etc.).

Over time, you can look through the journal and try to determine if there are any trends on what food items make your symtpoms worse and which foods seem to do no harm or even help your symptoms.

A food diary can be used as part of participating in the Elimination-diet.

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