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Hemorrhoids (often called 'piles' or 'hemmies') are swollen blood vessels around and inside the anus. They can be painful and itchy, and can sometimes bleed, leaving small amounts of bright red blood on the toilet paper. Hemorrhoids often occur with Crohn's disease, and are exacerbated by frequent bowel movements, straining to go to the toilet, and excessive wiping.
Sometimes hemorrhoids can cause Anal Skin Tags.


Hemorrhoids can be soothed by using cream or ointment- either one especially designed to treat hemorrhoids or a nappy rash cream. Refridgerating the cream can be especially soothing. In addition, using moist toilet wipes can help. If you are constipated regularly, you should speak to your doctor about changing your diet or medication to ensure your bowel movements are softer and passed more easily.


If you experience any bleeding during bowel movements, especially if there is a lot, it is dark, or mixed in with the bowel movement, seek medical help. It may just be hemorrhoids, but it may be a sign of something more serious.

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