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IL10 - Interleukin 10


About Interleukin 10

Interleukin 10, or IL10, is a Cytokine that functions to down-regulate or suppress the Immune Response. Most notably, IL10 limits secretion of the ProInflammatory Cytokines, IL12 - Interleukin 12 and TNF - Alpha.

The Interleukin 10 Gene Expression has been shown to be deregulated in certain forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and can play a role in Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.
Mouse Model of IBD - IL10 Knockout Mouse
A mouse model of IBD has been developed by deletion of IL10 or the IL10 Receptor (IL10 Knockout Mouse). [2][3]

Other Cytokines in IBD

Check out the Wiki page listing other Cytokines involved in IBD HERE.


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