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Ileocolitis is the most common type of Crohn's disease and affects the ileum, terminal ileum, and colon. Those with Ileocolitis frequently experience diarrhea, pain and cramping in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen and periumbilical region (around the belly button), and weight loss. Due to the nature of Ileocolitis, it is important to have vitamin B12 and folate levels checked regularly to test for deficiency. As inflammation between the ileum and colon is usually continuous, the ileocecal valve is usually also diseased.


Diagnosis will usually involve clinical evaluation, blood tests, stool samples, and testing that may include colonoscopy, endoscopy, CTE, MRE, capsule endoscopy, or small bowel follow through. It is important that the physician determine the full extent of the disease to ensure a proper treatment regimen.


Treatment for ileocolitis tends to be the same as for other forms of Crohn's Disease.

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