What is an Ileostomy ?

An Ileostomy is a surgical procedure in which the Ileum is diverted to eliminate waste through a Stoma in the abdominal wall. Ileostomies can be either Temporary or Permanent and is performed under a general anesthetic.

Ileostomy Types

Standard Ileostomy / Brooke Ileostomy
J Pouch / Ileoanal Reservoir / Pelvic Pouch / S Pouch
Continent Ileostomy / Abdominal Pouch Ileostomy
A Continent Ileostomy, or Abdominal Pouch, is a type of Ileostomy in which the patient does not wear an external pouch. Instead of a Pouch worn externally, a portion of the Ileum is formed into an Ileal Reservior within the body.

The Barnett Continent Intestinal Reservoir, or BCIR, surgery forms an Intestinal Reservoir to collect waste and a Stoma is fashioned and ends at the skin. Since the BCIR requires no external baglike appliance, the Stoma is flat on the skin.

Excretion: With a Contnent Ileostomy, the patient will insert a Catheter in order to drain the Ileal Reservoir. This should occur around 2-5 times per day.

Advantages over other types of surgery:
The BCIR procedure offers some advantages over other surgical procedures. The emptying of the BCIR can be delayed longer than those with the J-Pouch procedure and does not require external baglike devices like the Standard Ileostomy Procedure.

Many people who are unhappy with their Standard, J-Pouch or Kock Pouch Ileostomy can have a revision of their surgery to make a BCIR.[2]

Complications of Ileostomy

There is risk with any type of surgical procedure, including death. Complications due to anesthesia are also possible.
Other complications include:
  • Allergy to Appliance
  • Appliance Leaks, Placement
  • Bleeding
  • Diarrhea
  • Infection
  • Intestinal Obstruction, leus
  • Injury to Non-diseased Intestine
  • Ischemia
  • Mucocutaneous separation of Stoma
  • Parastomal Granuloma[7]
  • Psychosocial Complications
  • Short Bowel Syndrome
  • Skin Irritation (surrounding the Stoma)
  • Stoma Hernia / Prolapse / Retraction / Stenosis[6][7]

Post-Surgical Ileostomy Care

Learning: Patients must learn to Care for Ostomy and use Appliances. Specially trained nurses, called Enterostomal Therapists are a valuable resource here.[3]

Lifting Restriction: Immediately after Ileostomy procedure, through about 6 weeks post-op, patients should not lift, push or pull more than 5 - 10 pounds.[3]

A new Stoma will be swollen immediately following surgery. This will often resolve in a week to 10 days. In order to ensure appropriate fit of an Appliance, this swelling must be resolved.
In the event an Appliance does not fit appropriately, it may leak. Repeated leakage of ileal fluid is harmful to the skin as it is fairly Alkaline (Basic pH) and contains enzymes that can cause skin irritation and breakdown.[7]

The Appliance must be removed gently. Rough removal of the Appliance can cause Trauma to the Skin.[7]

Cleaning of the Stomal area must be thorough and patted dry. Rough cleansing of the area, not thoroughly cleansing or drying the area can lead to skin irritation and/or infection.[7]

Ileostomy Bag How To Videos

Free Samples

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