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Innate Immune System


Innate Immune System

The innate immune system is the "first line of defense" against an infectious agent.

The Innate Immune System is one arm of the Immune System and is characterized by the following:
- The innate immune system responds immediately following recognition of an infectious agent;
- It is fairly non-specific and will recognize "classes" of pathogens (in contrast to the Adaptive Immune System that is very specific in its Antigen recognition);
- The Innate Immune System has no "Memory" of previous exposures to an infectious agent (in contrast to Adaptive Immunity);
- Innate Responding cells can activate the Adaptive Immune System - through Antigen Presentation;
- Toll-like Receptors(TLRs) activate the Innate immune Response
Cells Involved in the Innate Immune System
- Neutrophils
- Dendritic Cells - Antigen Presentation to stimulate the Adaptive Immune System; Secrete Anti-microbial peptides
- Macrophages - Antigen Presentation to stimulate Adaptive Immune Response; Phagocytosis of infectious agent
- NK (Natural Killer) Cells - Phagocytosis of body cells that are damaged, cancerous, or infected.
Proteins Involved in the Innate Immune System
- Anti-microbial peptides (defensins)
- Cytokines
- Complement
- Interferon
Innate Immune System Video
Check out this animation from Harvardabout the Innate Immune System

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