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Lymphocytic Colitis

Lymphocytic colitis is a form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and subtype of microscopic colitis and is thought to be a rare condition characterized by lymphocytes in the epithelium and surrounding connective tissue.


Symptoms of Lympocytic Colitis

Symptoms include:[1]
  • Chronic diarrhea (96% of cases),
  • Abdominal pain (47%)
  • Weight loss (41%).

The rarity of this disease is in question as more colonoscopy's with biopsies are performed (which is the only way to diagnose it). Lympocytic Colitis has about the same incidence rate is both sexes. The excessive intraepithelial lymphocytes observed in LC are predominantly CD4+ T cells rather than CD8+.

Lymphocytic Colitis and Celiac Disease

There is an increased risk of Lymphocytic Colitis in persons with Celiac Disease and is estimated to be approximately 50 fold. This risk appears to be greater in middle aged women. Researchers suggest that persons with Celiac Disease (middle aged women in particular) who adhere to a Gluten Free diet but continue to have symptoms of Diarrhea, should actively investigate whether a diagnosis of Lymphocytic Colitis may be warranted.[2]

Lymphocytic Colitis Support Group


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