Potatoes contain substances called glycoalkaloids which are concentrated in the skin and top 1.5mm of the potatoes. These glycoalkaloids are shown to aggravate the intestinal epithelium and increase its permeability which may in turn aggravate Inflammatory bowel disease. Glycoalkaloids have been shown to negatively affect the intestinal permeability of IL-10 deficient mice but not normal mice. Interleukin 10 has been shown to be downregulated in some people with inflammatory bowel disease.

It is shown that frying potatoes concentrates glycoalkaloids.[1] The prevalence of IBD is highest in countries that consume the most fried potato products.[2] It may be in the best interest of anyone with Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, or any other form of IBD to avoid fried potatoes from potato chips to french fries. In addition, if you utilize potatoes, peel not just the skin but the top 1.5mm of the potato to reduce the glycoalkaloid content. However, this may only reduce 60-95% of the glycoalkaloid content and much less if the potato variety has high levels.[3] As such, completely avoiding potatoes and potato products may want to be considered.


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