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Prometheus IBD sgi Diagnostic


Prometheus IBD sgi Diagnostic

Prometheus Therapeutics & Diagnostics offers testing services to help your doctor determine if you have Crohn's Disease (CD) or Ulcerative Colitis (UC), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) or non-Inflammatory Disease (non-IBD). This test uses a blood sample and looks for disease-specific (or disease-typical) markers for Serology, Genetics, and Inflammation and is also known as the Prometheus IBD SGI Diagnostic.

Prometheus IBD sgi Diagnostic Components

Serological Tests
Serological Tests by ELISA:
- ASCA - Anti-Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Antibodies Test IgA
- ASCA - Anti-Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Antibodies Test IgG
- Anti-OmpC IgA
- Anti- CBir1
- Anti-A4-Fla2 IgG
- Anti-FlaX IgG
- AutoAntibody

Serological Tests, Other:
- IFA Perinuclear Pattern
- DNAse Sensitivity
Genetic Tests
Tests for Presence of SNPs:
- ATG16L1 - Autophagy Related 16 Like 1 SNP (rs2241880)
- EMC1 SNP (rs3737240)
- NKX2-3 SNP (rs10883365)
- STAT3 SNP (rs744166)
Inflammatory Tests
- ICAM-1
- VCAM-1
- CRP - C Reactive Protein

What Does a Typical Prometheus IBD sgi Diagnostic Report Look Like?

Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Codes for Billing and Insurance Submission

From Prometheus Therapeutics & Diagnostics, Prometheus Laboratories Inc.[1]
- 83520(X8), ELISA; antibody specific for each serology bio-marker (see above)
- 82397(X3), ICAM, VCAM, SAA Chemiluminescent Assay
- 86140(X1), CRP
- 88347(X2), IBD Specific pANCA; Indirect Immunofluorescent assay, IgG specific & DNAse sensitivity
- 83907(X1), Lysis of cells prior to nucleic acid extraction
- 83898(X4), PCR, DNA Markers ATG16L1, ECM1, NKX2-3, STAT3
- 83896(X8), Nucleic acid probes
- 83912(X1), Interpretation and report

Other Relevant Prometheus Laboratories IBD Tests

Prometheus Laboratories also offers testing for specific gene mutations in NOD2 / CARD15, the most common gene mutation that correlates with Crohn's Disease. This test is seperate from the Prometheus IBD sgi Diagnostic (above) and is called Prometheus NOD2 / CARD15 Test.


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