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Resistant Starches

Resistant starches (RS) are starches not digested by the body which enter the large intestine. Different variables affect whether this happens including how much a food is chewed, intestinal transit time, how it is cooked, chemical structure, and processing. Bacteria in the colon ferment resistant starches and nonstarch polysaccharides and turn them into short-chain fatty acids. This in turn nourishes colonocytes and promotes electrolyte and fluid uptake as well as blood flow to the colon. While Nonstarch polysaccharides bulk the stool better than resistant starches, it would appear that resistant starches protect more against colon cancer.[1] Some sources believe that resistant starch is a health food and should be eaten in greater quantities, whereas others refute this claim.

Examples of Resistant Starches

Pulses, whole grains, sweetcorn, green bananas and muesli that contains bran

Undercooked or reheated potato or maize/corn

Oven chips, crisps, potato waffles, fried rice

Processed food such as potato or pasta salad, or manufactured biscuits and cakes

Ready meals containing pasta or potato, such as lasagne, shepards pie, Macaroni cheese

Dried pasta

Red potatoes contain more resistant starch than other forms of potatoes.


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don't seem to question at all the resistant starches with respect to IBD--only with respect to weight loss.
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