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Social Security Disability Benefits


Social Security Disability Programs for Crohn's Disease

Social Security pays disability benefits to persons with Crohn's disease or other types of Gastrointestinal disorders, including certain types of IBD. Social Security may make payments if you or a family member is unable to work or has reduced ability to work. Social Security may also pay benefits if you have a child with a qualifying disability.

A person that is determined to be "disabled" may be able to work while receiving disability payments under certain conditions and are called "work incentives". The conditions are described in the Social Security Office "Red Book" publication, or "A Summary Guide to Employment Support for Individuals with Disabilities under the Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income Programs" available here Social Security Disability Red Book[1]

There are two types of Social Security disability Programs:
Social Security Disability Insurance Program Title II
Social Security Disability Insurance Program Title II Qualifying Persons are Categorized as one (or more) of the following:
1. Worker, less than retirement age, that is Disabled and insured under the Social Security Program

2. Person that has been Disabled since childhood (Childhood = before age 22) who is the dependent of a parent that is:
2a. Entitled to Social Security Title II Disability;
2b. Entitled to Retirement Benefits;
2c. Deceased and Social Security Disability Insured.

3. Age 50-60 and the Disabled widow or widower of a Social Security Insured deceased spouse.
Supplemental Security Income Title XVI, or SSI
Supplemental Security Income XVI, or SSI Qualifying Persons are Categorized as one of the following:
1. Adult (over 18) who is disabled
2. Child (under 18) who is disabled

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