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Stem Cell Treatment



Stem cell treatment is currently undergoing clinical trials. Stem cells are the 'building blocks' of the human body- they are present in the zygote (fertilized egg) and have the potential to develop into any part of the human body. The aim of stem cell treatment for Crohn's is to kill off the 'faulty' immune system, and grow a healthy new one from the patient's own stem cells.


  • Stem cell treatment has the potential to cure the disease, rather than just treating the manifestation of the disease.
  • Since the patient recieves their own stem cells, there is little risk of rejection.


  • Stem cell treatment is currently only in the experimental stage. It is not widely available, and will only be considered when all other conventional treatments have failed.
  • Strong chemotherapy is needed to kill off the immune system. During this time the patient is very prone to infections. Also the long term effects of the chemotherapy have not yet been studied.

Forum Links (a member's blog on undergoing this treatment)


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