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A strictureplasty is a surgical procedure for the treatment of strictures which are narrowing of the intestines due to scar tissue and/or inflammation. The surgery involves an incision along the length of the intestine where the stricture is located. The intestines are then pushed together creating a widening where the stricture is and sewn together.

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More than one stricture can be done at a time.

The primary techniques are Heinecke-Mikulicz (81%), Finney (10%), and side-to-side isoperistaltic (5%).[2] The procedure is generally safe and effective and in one study of 225 strictureplasties, only one restrictured at the same location.[1] Another study found that 28% of patients had another stricture (in a different location) within five years and only 3% at the same specific site as the previous strictureplasty.[2]


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