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Total Parenteral Nutrition

Total Parenteral Nutriton or TPN is when a patient can not receive adequate nutrition by other means, used to sustain life, and is an individualized IV (Intraveneous) bag compounded daily to meet the patients needs. They are created with proteins, fat, sugar, water, minerals electrolytes and vitamins infused directly into the patients veins. TPN is individualized, precise and complicated in calculations yet life sustaining and routine in practice to meet the needs of patients that can not receive nutrition in any other way.

The Base Ingredients include:

PROTEINS- Essential Amino Acids are used as the source of protein, to help build maintain and replace body tissue.

FATS-Lipids include the essential fatty acids in adequate amounts to contribute to total caloric count

SUGAR-Dextrose is the source of carbohydrate to provide calories and energy

WATER- Sterile water is the fluid adjusted by the physician to adjust the total volume needed.

ADDITIVES-These include electrolytes trace elements and vitamins adjusted based on the patients needs and accurately determined based on their functions in the body, and used to prevent deficancy and the consequences of their absence.

Electrolytes include sodium, potassium, chloride, phosphate calcium and magnesium

Trace Elements include zinc, copper, manganese and chromium

Vitamins as needed.

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